Jeffrey Andrade Hemming

These pieces are all original. These paintings and drawings are some that I have hung in my own house, and the homes of friends and family over the past years.  I am selling these at very reasonable prices. Shipping depends upon the location and the size of the piece.

Winter Wasatch Range 22x30 Charcoal/Pastel $50.00  

Park City Back Country  22x30 Charcoal/Pastel$50.00

 Timp Charcoal on Paper 32x38   $75.00                                                    

Capital Reef Charcoal on Paper 34x46 $100

Sierra Winter Charcoal/Pastel 14x21  $45                                                                 

Donner Snow Charcoal/Pastel 14x21$45

Near Donner Summit Charcoal/Pastel 14x21 $45                 

  Horsetail Fall Charcoal on Paper 24x24 $45

Little Cottonwood Canyon Charcoal/Pastel 22x30  $50 

                       Park City Trail Charcoal/Pastel 22x30 $50

Tunnel View Charcoal on Paper 30x48 $75 

   Tenaya Lake Charcoal on Paper 34x34  $50

Yosemite Cliffs Charcoal on Paper 22x46 $50 

Heron Charcoal on Paper 15x48 $50

Wave Charcoal on Paper 42x42   $75  

Big Cottonwood Canyon 34x52  $100

Yosemite Falls Trail Charcoal on Paper 18x24  $50

Wave Charcoal on Paper 42x42   $75  

Rainfall Charcoal on Paper 18x24 $50  

    Yosemite Falls Charcoal on Paper 18x24 $50

El Capitan Charcoal on Paper 18x24 $50 

   Low TIde Charcoal on Paper 20x28  $45

NorCal Waves Oil on Canvas 48x48 $450 

Falcon Charcoal on Paper 48x56 Charcoal $100


Ehukai View Oil on Canvas 36x24  $200

  Rarotonga Oil on Canvas 36x24  $200

North Shore Oil on Panel 8x10     $50 

        Big Island Sunset Oil on Canvas 16x20  $75

Lineup Oil on Canvas 24x24 $100 

Secret Spot Oil on Canvas 20x36 $150

Tropical Shores Oil on Canvas 20x30 $150 

Island Time Oil on Panel 11x14    $50

                                                              Time Passes  oil on Canvas 18x36  $100

Time Passes  oil on Canvas 18x36  $100

Island Hop  Oil on Canvas 30x30 $200  

     Balangan Beach Oil on canvas 36x48 $350

Night Critter Charcoal/Gold Leaf 24x42 $100 

Night Owl Charcoal/Gold Leaf 20x20 $45

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