Jeffrey Andrade Hemming


Thank you for visiting my website. Here you are able to view my recent and past artwork. Through this site I am able to make available my latest works of art immediately after completion. 

My paintings have been inspired by living both in Hawaii and Caribbean. The beauty of the tropics has continually provided subject matter for my paintings. Some paintings are about site specific locations while others evolve during the painting process. My goal as an artist is to bring a little bit of the islands to the canvas, this includes the bright blues and greens of mid-day to the the warm moody oranges and pinks of sunset. Humid atmosphere, isolation, solitude and natural beauty all work their way into every image to hopefully capture a single moment in time.  

I would also like to thank all of you for your continued support of my career. Whether you have been collecting for years, or have only recently been introduced to my work. Your support has been invaluable to making my artistic career a success for the past fifteen years. 

Feel free to contact me for questions or comments about my work. For information about original paintings, commissions, and reproductions please call or email any time.  


Jeffrey Andrade Hemming

Ehukai Surge  -  New Oil Painting  20x40


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